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Darmstadt, Germany

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I am a Branding Consultant with a background in Neuropsychology.

My main focus is on creating "Brand Stories" that people talk about around the office watercooler, at the family barbecue, in the dorm and in online social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Customer conversations are what make a brand relevant in people’s everyday lives - if they hit critical mass, they turn into buzz, drive desire, boost loyalty / “fandom” and ultimately increase market share.

Ideally, building and guiding consistent “Brand Buzz” encompasses more than advertising - it's about creating experiences customers can talk about. To get there, I might advise you to think about product tweaks, new packaging that tells a story, contagious public dialogue with customers, ask both your brand’s biggest fans and detractors to “help” you with product development, or just a gimmick for your hotline’s waiting loop.

People know me as one of Germany's foremost experts on Word-of-Mouth, Buzz and Viral Marketing. I'm invested in a Word-Of-Mouth-Agency in Hamburg, but interested in eventually coming back to the United States. Possibly interested in joining clever start-ups with game-changing product ideas and planning their marketing efforts.

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