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Marla Glen is no stranger to the music industry, and being on the scene for more than twenty years has taught Marla a great deal of hard-knock lessons, but it has not stopped the passion Marla has for performing on stage or her love of music. Having delivered Gold and Platinum hits such as “Believer” & “Cost of Freedom,“ Marla’s career has survived a roller coaster of highs and lows from the moment she set foot on the music scene. However, with amazing drive and tenacity, there is no turning back as Marla vows to move forward with her hot new CD… “Tricks & Tracks/ Dirty Games.”
Tricks & Tracks is an accumulation of Marla’s experiences from divorce, to bad contract deals, mixed in with some upbeat booty shaking house music. Creating the CD was a labor of love and a way to get some things out of her system which has allowed Marla to move onward with a healing process and forward to the next chapter of making hit music. Because of the tone of the CD, it also seemed appropriate to include a revival of the hit tune, “The Cost of Freedom.” Making this CD was a great experience for everyone involved from the band to the new management team. “I had a lot of fun this time around. This is what making music is all about, enjoying the beats, having fun with the band and creating great experiences. I’m excited about ALL the tunes on the Tricks & Tracks CD and I can’t wait to share them with the people, “ states Marla.

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