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Marsha Branch is a dynamic and creative writer and broadcaster. Her media experience spans almost two decades and includes stints with some of most prestigious names in global media.

Marsha was destined to have a career in broadcasting. From the age of six, just about every report card she brought home from school simply stated: "Marsha is a good student, but she is too talkative!"

Always one to take a hint, she decided to talk for a living, when at the age of 17, after completing her college internship at a broadcasting corporation, she accepted the position of Radio Announcer, offered to her by the corporation's execs.

Her climb to success continued when at the age of 21 she was hand-picked for the position of prime time news anchor.

After completing Undergraduate studies in Sociology and Psychology and Postgrad studies in Television Journalism. She joined one of the world's most respected media houses, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) where she worked as a program producer and host. She is also a former CNN World Report contributor.

Marsha currently resides in North America and is a BBC correspondent and an independent producer. She has also produced a variety of features and documentaries for United Nations.

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