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MART is an artist initiative set up in 2006 by Matthew Nevin and Ciara Scanlan. MART’s primary aim is to create a platform for new media, installation, sculpture, experimental film and performance artists. MART was founded on an inclusive ethos, which aims to break down boundaries in the visual arts through its ability to inspire a curiosity for knowledge and education through art. MART aims to bring contemporary art to the forefront of culture by actively engaging people from all sectors of society in both its viewing and production.

MART’s website has grown into Ireland’s largest video art library and collection of active Irish visual artists showcasing contemporary art. The online interactive gallery hosts visual art on display and informative educational text, as a way of enriching an understanding of experimental and challenging artwork. This growing site showcases over 150 of the finest emerging and established artists, making their artwork publicly accessible. MART aims to provide an art resource that is accessible, interesting and enjoyable to the public.

MART holds no exclusivity in targeting its audience, as it aims to showcase to local and international audiences, artists, curators, art collectors, art organisations, not for profit organisations, voluntary art groups and art enthusiasts. To accomplish this, MART actively encourages public participation through workshops, talks and discussions around exhibitions and artist led events held in both contemporary galleries and within accessible temporary locations.

MART also acts as a platform and support group for individual artists and curators seeking advice and assistance on hosting their own exhibition in relation to promotion, location etc. MART specialises in international exhibitions of Irish artists and has supported the work of over 300 artists through its previous exhibitions and events. MART has reached an audience of over 30,000 in exhibitions across Ireland, the U.K, Central Eastern Europe and North America. Through an extensive international press portfolio MART has reached over 1 million people.

During 2012 MART has launched its first permanent gallery and studios ‘THE MART’, in an old fire station in Dublin serving local, national and international art endeavours. THE MART is home to artist studios, two galleries, a workshop space and ‘MIAEN’ (MART’S International Arts Exchange Network), a programme that offers an opportunity for international artists/curators to exhibit and curate in Dublin.

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