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New media and visual artist, performer, programmer and teacher assistant based in Vienna.

Since 2010 I work together with Stefano D'Alessio ( in realizing interactive performances and installation that involve the human body, used to investigate the codification of the real physical environment into its digital representations and deformations. Our works are based in the interaction between a human body (a performer or the audience) and the technology. Our main interest is in the relation between them, experimenting deformation of what is known as normal, testing the limits of a body and the one of the technology. We work with the interaction between a body and a software or hardware, where the boundaries between the two can become thin, invisible, sometimes overlapped.

We both work as programmers and assistants for Klaus Obermaier ( since 2010. Together with him we teach interactive software programming applied to art in the University IUAV of Venice (

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