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Martin Backes, born in 1977 in Germany, is a sound & media artist, performer, hacker and composer. He studied art, design, communication, psychology, electronics, ecology and anthropology in relation to sound and media at the University of Arts in Berlin. In 2009 he received a grant for the Master`s Program “Sound Installation” run by Christina Kubisch. He counts of numerous projects in the fields of sound, media and video art. Besides his experimental work, he is working as a creative director, audiovisual consultant, audio engineer, music producer and DJ. Martin Backes is also co-founder of aconica - a studio and laboratory as well as a creative workshop constantly working on commercial, artistic and independent projects in the fields of culture, industry and research. He is also responsible for the Sound Communication & Design course at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin where he teaches, and manages the experimental soundlab.

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