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Director-Producer-Camera of more than thirty action-adventure, science and natural history documentary films for a wide range of British and international broadcasters including the BBC Natural History Unit, The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, PBS, Canal+, Yorkshire TV’s ‘First Tuesday’ and the BBC’s ‘Horizon’ series. Recently started writing and working in drama.

In 1990, I made the crucial investigative breakthrough for the BBC Natural History Unit’s BBC1 special, The Global Detective. It led to the prosecution of an Italian fashion chain for buying CITES protected caiman skins from violent traffickers in Paraguay and Brazil. Since then I have produced and directed many films about the trade in endangered species, including river dolphins, rhinos and tigers in Nepal and sailing with the Sea Shepherds in search of high seas pirate whalers. From the Himalayas to New York City’s rivers, my films often feature underwater filming and I specialises in innovative camera techniques.

I have just completed Three Rivers, The Brooklyn Bridge and Lady Liberty: a high-definition documentary about swim races in New York City’s rivers.

Award-winning credits include: Hoy Solo: The Rock Queen (joint winner of a Sports Emmy), Ocean Raider - Defenders of the Wild (a Best Film prize and four Merit Awards at the International Wildlife Film Festival), and The Global Detective which won the Golden Panda at Wildscreen and was also a prize-winner at the Jackson Hole.

In print, I have written for a wide range of publications from ‘New Scientist ‘ magazine to DC Thomson’s ‘Commando’ series. My first short story, ‘The Hot Chocolate Rocket’ (published earlier this year) was short-listed for the 2009 Aeon Award. My first feature film screenplay, ‘In Hot Pursuit’, won Best Comedy Script at the AOF Film Festival, 2008. A short film script: ‘The Pigeon Drop’, was also short-listed for an award at the same festival.

Before getting bitten by the movie-making bug, I had various jobs including: gold prospecting, as a door-to-door potato salesman, crewing on the Greenpeace vessel ‘Rubicon’ and falling off mountains (unpaid).

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