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documentary film-maker.

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All the best, Martin - founder of

The aim of my site is to build an international knowledge base for filmmakers around the globe. A film magazine in most possible all languages to share thoughts, poetic videos or even make it possible for people to express their ideas, as its not possible in many countries. As I do not like scam or nerve-racking ads and I can assure that all your notes are treated respectfully and not used in any commercial sense. I am working for the digital video world of in Germany called

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  1. Makes me thinking of Bruno and his former life in Berlin. Once I was living in Berlin, I was sitting in a hip cafe in Mitte or Prenzl Berg. Most of the guys and girls focusing on, who was passing by rather than listing to the story of the person…
  2. Great young talented actor. Really like your visual way. Shared your work @
  3. poetic and pittoreque. shared it @