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  1. Nick Driftwood

    Nick Driftwood Plus brighton, UK


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    Follow me on Twitter @Driftwood_Prods Nick Driftwood (AKA the GH2 Driftwood hack) runs Driftwood Productions in Brighton, UK. Currently working on a non-linear digital screen work 'ROAD' for Brighton Digital Festival and the Frequency Festival of Digital Culture for autumn 2015. Short film…

  2. Steve Weiss

    Steve Weiss Plus Chicago


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    With over 700 productions under his belt, Steve Weiss has been in almost every aspect of the film/video business. With his start videotaping weddings in 1981 to creating 1st Generation Film/Video as its Director from 1983 to 1993 and eventually selling it . Steve has also created and sold one of the…

  3. Philip Bloom

    Philip Bloom PRO London


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    I am sorry I am unable to reply to emails sent to me here. Please contact me via email rather than vimeo at help@philipbloom.net DP, Director, FIlmmaker My other vimeo accounts are for my world travel videos, reviews and tutorials, plus one random stuff. Vimeo.com/bloomworld Vimeo.com/pbextras Vimeo.com/pbreviews

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