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...independent film maker / cinematographer / photographer / writer / producer / director / editor / designer / surfer (long boarder) / guitarist / poet

Cameras for film: Super8mm Canon 514XLS / Canon EOS 500D SLR / GoPro HD Hero / Sony HDR PJ220E / Samsung MiniDV / Samsung S1065 digital camera

Cameras for stills: still shots used to make animations (hand held exposures [no flash] to capture movement) - Samsung S1065 digital camera / Canon EOS 500D SLR / GoPro HD Hero

Other cameras (digital): Oregon Scientific [helmet cam] (mounted on top of my Super8 camera, record whole scenes in order to get a rough idea of what I've shot whilst waiting for the film to come back from the lab)

Other cameras (film): Nikon FM, Olympus OM10, Agfa 6x6 folder, Agfa 35mm folder, Moskva 6x9 folder

Lenses: older the better ;)

Studied photography at two art schools then studied Communication, Authoring & Design (Technical Writing / Information Design) at Coventry University.

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