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  1. Film School - Filmmaking

    by Tommy Rodriguez joined

    1,930 Videos / 25.1K Members

    Learn everything you need to know to make your movies, videos or audiovisual projects here in the Cinemacuteo free Film School. 6/19/2008 Join this new community where we can share our knowledge…

  2. Short Films

    by Daniel Encinas joined

    9,183 Videos / 3,944 Members

    Group dedicated to Short Films.

  3. short film

    by Daniel Wyszynski joined

    1,736 Videos / 747 Members

  4. D-TOWN

    by danny blair joined

    221 Videos / 90 Members

    this group is for those interested in poetry so either upload a poem or just tune in and enjoy

  5. The Storyteller

    by Silverdrop joined

    3,744 Videos / 1,955 Members

    This is a group that is all about the narrative. Videos should follow an identifiable story arc, but by no means a generic one. Shortfilms, Documentaries, Artfilms, Animation, anything that has…

  6. Roger Smith Shorts - 2010

    by Panman Productions joined

    334 Videos / 258 Members

    Showcase your 1- 12 min films here for a chance to be a part of the Roger Smith Shorts screening at the Brooklyn International Film Festival, in June 2010. More details to come - so keep checking…

  7. Cinéma Vérité

    by CandR Productions joined

    621 Videos / 223 Members

    literal Meaning: film truth This was a style of film making developed by French film directors in the 1960’s. Their production techniques did not depend on star quality actors, sets, props,…

  8. ICEfilm - Worldwide Documentary film

    by Sky joined

    197 Videos / 176 Members

    There are about 200 countries in the world. Each of them has its unique way of living, thinking, nature and anything else we can only imagine. The idea is to create ONE "mosaic" film, based…

  9. Cortometrajes | Short films

    by Martín Turnes joined

    2,720 Videos / 1,566 Members

    El objetivo de este grupo es dar a conocer tus obras y que veas lo que se está haciendo a nivel cortometrajes en el mundo. The object of this group is to publicize your own work and see…

  10. BeatnikTV - Short Film & Animation Group

    by BeatnikTV joined

    6,303 Videos / 1,737 Members

    Welcome to Beatnik TV. We are a online TV station who love short film and animation! since 2008 Beatnik TV has grown and grown from a tiny acorn myspace page to the unstop able Juggernaut you see…

  11. Indie Filmmakers

    by QuietNoiseFilms joined

    31.9K Videos / 8,762 Members

    A group for all of the independent filmmakers who want to talk together and share their work with each other.

  12. Canon Central

    by Random Stuff joined

    3,133 Videos / 680 Members

    Showcase what you've made with your trusty little Canon. Sometimes big things come in small packages. Hopefully this will be a central place for people to discuss their projects, camera settings,…

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