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once upon a time
fifteen minutes of love
time to be together
a time and a place
a time for love
a time for reflection
a moment can change a lifetime
the time of my life
a moment of doubt
a minute of your time
a time to be alone
a time to let go
a time to move on
a time to plan
a time to mourn
a time to value what you have
a time to cry
make time for your family
take the time to cherish someone
a year of forgetting
a time to be quiet
the passing of each day
seventeen days of crying
time i left
a time to die
time to kill
time is a fictional space
a complete waste of time
minutes turn into hours
days dissolving into weeks
time is running out
forever is a long time
forever and a day
one day at a time
the memory of waiting
too late now
too long ago to remember

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