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Sydney based Curator Marty Routledge has worked predominantly with contemporary artists and designers from varying backgrounds with the intentions of exposing both notorious and lesser known artists to Australia. Stemming from his own 16 year graffiti career, Marty’s ties to the restricted artist networks are limitless. Marty’s interests lie in showcasing work developed by people from art-forms that are often rejected by the institution. These include; tattooists, graffiti writers, street artists, sign writers, Skateboarders, Surfers, Designers, and Typographers. In 2009 Marty conceptualized a 4 stop national tour to showcase studies on lettering named GO FONT UR SELF* The Program boasts 2 years, showcasing 84 local & international artists, 17 exhibitions across 4 capital cities over 2 years, over 9,000 people in attendance & 2 books. In August 2010 Marty alongside Peer Group Media Created the weekly showcase of local and international artists named LO-FI COLLECTIVE. A large attic warehouse space in the centre of Darlinghurst. Since August last year Marty has programmed 48 exhibits for the space with the unique characteristics of no gallery hire fees or curatorial commissions in an attempt to re direct the way money interacts with the exhibiting artists. This year Marty has launched a management operation named THIS WAY to deal with commercial opportunities for artists within Marty’s networks.

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