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Over a year ago, I read an article in the Chicago Tribune about a young teacher by the name of Mary Eve Thorson. She committed suicide on Thanksgiving Day, 2011. A 6 page letter was left behind which exposed the alleged bullying of teachers within her school, the poor condition of the institution, and the children whom were used to acquire funds illegally due to grade manipulation. Teachers from all over the country responded to Mary's death...I was one of them. The issue of teacher bullying at the hands of other educators/administrators is one which is silenced. I am not a filmmaker, nor have I ever had the desire to be one. But, I felt compelled to tell Mary's story when I realized that she died in order to make the world aware that teachers are suffering, and our children are in the crossfire as the abuse is taking place during classroom hours. Now, teachers are killing themselves. I was honored when the SAVE OUR SCHOOLS organization requested my film, DYING TO TEACH: The Killing of Mary Eve Thorson, "Educators Who Bully" for their convention in Washington, D.C., this past August of 2012. The documentary is dedicated to teachers for all they endure in order to educate our children. They deserve to be acknowledged and protected. May God be with them always.

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