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I'm a frustrated artist. I want and want to do so many things and have so little time and Benjamins to do it. Video is just the newest artform I've embraced. I love it because it combines story telling with images. I'm more traditionally a photographer and am new to shooting video and have much to learn, but highly enjoy the story telling part. I like anything short. If it's over 3 minutes I probably won't watch it. So I try to keep my stuff short. Unless its motorcycles then I can watch all day long. I love riding and racing harescrambles. I kind of like mountain biking, I'm getting worse and worse at rock climbing as I get old, but I still can drag my carcass up a 5'10c. Bouldering is too hard on my tendons. White water kayaking now scares me since I took a few bad swims on the Poudre River in Colorado, but I'll go down some easy rivers if you go with me. I'm happily married for the past 20 years, but I've been married 25 years. Those first five years were kind of rough, but yay, we made it through. Three great kids who love to play with their parents and what more can you ask for. I love Jesus Christ, he has made my feet like hinds feet and has set me on high places where I love to run and leap like the free runner in that first James Bond movie Daniel Craig played in. I love to write and have a few books in print, but need an agent. Know anybody you can recommend?

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