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MASALADOSA's spicy blend of Asian Sounds and Global Beats was launched back in 2003 by french innovative producer and multi-instrumentalist Pierre lal aka Pierre-Jean Duffour. The band operates as a collective of musicians and visual artists passionate by world cultures, especially India. Since almost a decade, they've been headlining shows regularly over 3 continents, performing in the best festivals and venues. From Mumbai to San Francisco, Masaladosa's tasty music gathers fans of Indian music and urban riddims into one big family. Perhaps one of the most interesting fusion you've heard in a while, a rather ecclectic and stimulant blend of music.

Produced at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios in England, their latest album "ELECTRO WORLD CURRY" has been warmly welcomed all around the world.

Masaladosa is currently working on its third album and international tour to follow.
Stay tuned !

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