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Julien Tritsch is a DJ/Producer/Remixer/Label and studio owner based in London, UK.


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Julien Tritsch is certainly no stranger to music. Son of Christian Tritsch (Bass player for Gong and various French artists like Claude Francois, Alice Donna etc...), he discovered music very early on. Self taught, he picked up the piano at 11, then the guitar and bass, and he moved to London at 19 to play in bands as a guitarist and songwriter for a number of years.

Supporting his ambitions, he also worked for more than 10 years in the music technology industry for some of the largest brands, which help him develop a very strong production skills set. In August 2010, he started a project called "Mashed And Confused", home of many bootlegs, mashups and remixes, which have been played in more than 130 countries, radio stations and clubs all over the world.

The Mashed And Confused productions really give an insight into Julien's perception and vision of music, as well as his huge range of influences, but ultimately a true testimony of his unique ability to blend many different genres and styles together, while creating something new, always musical, which will captivate listeners from all walks of life.


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