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Masscob was founded by Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobian in 2003. They were both born and raised in La Coruña (Spain) and form a unique couple profesionally and privately.

Masscob is the union of the names of its creators and the reflection of two personalities and styles.

After graduating from law school their creative skills and love for design made them persue a carrer in fashion, moving between London and Los Angeles. Before they asumed the challenge to create their own collection they spent several years working in the fashion business in Spain.

Marga and Jacobo just follow their instinct, they don´t have a precise point of inspiration. Their designs emerge spontaneously and do not follow any predetermined process, sometimes just a substance of a fabric or a vintage deatil its the begining for a new collection.

They create from their own universe strong femenine silhouettes, instantly establishing masscob’s identity.
Masscob is a duality of two personalities, femenine and masculine. This delicate balance between oposites becomes the essence of their collections. Their styles evoke a relaxed and warm sensuality rather than a dense sofistication, always maintaining the quality and craftsmanship so many times forgotten.

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