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I am a filmmaker and film lecturer who is fascinated by narrative structures and the way they work. I enjoy the ‘ambiguity’ of my love for narrative films and my disbelief that a film must necessarily have a narrative. This in-between space/time provides me with fields which I feel are not researched enough in cinema. I studied economics in Italy before exploring my passion for theatre and film, founding in 1998 a cultural association in Italy, organising short film, music and theatre events; and achieving a Master’s Degree in Film at the Newport Film School in 2005. In 2004 I wrote, produced and directed Carmen, a UK and Italian short film co-production dealing with gender issues and rural conservatism. In 2007 my first feature film script was awarded a place at Ekran, European Training Programme for Film Professionals, at the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing, in Warsaw. In 2008 I made a promo teaser for my new project Muse, a poetic short film about creative inspiration. The teaser helped me to build the team with which I completed the film in 2010. Muse was screened in festivals in New York, Sofia and Berlin in 2011. After the production of another short film, Free Runner, shot with BAFTA Wales award winning cinematographer Keefa Chan, I started working on documentaries and promo videos: a National Theatre Wales promo video for the performing duo Mr and Mrs Clark's The Medicine Show, screened at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012; a documentary commissioned by the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), The Volunteer Story, about Welsh VSO witnesses over 55 years of history of VSO; the documentary The Shaman of Rust, completed in June 2015, about a Newport artist, his art and mental health during the 3 years of destruction and transformation of the city centre into a shopping mall.
As well as a filmmaker, I am a lecturer Course Leader in Film Studies at Coleg Gwent, South Wales, and visiting lecturer in Film at the University of South Wales.

2005 – CARMEN – fiction drama - writer/producer/director, UK/Italy, dur. 13mins
2007 – THE GODARDED GRADUATE – fiction drama - writer/director, UK/Poland, dur. 8mins
2008 – MUSE TEASER – fiction poetic - writer/producer/director, UK, dur. 1min
2010 – MUSE – fiction poetic - writer/producer/director, UK, dur. 19mins
2011 - FREE RUNNER - fiction coming-of-age drama - writer/producer/director/editor, UK, dur. 12mins
2012 - THE MEDICINE SHOW PROMO - producer/director, UK, dur. 1'40"
2013 - A SENSE OF SPACE (MEMORIES OF A JOURNEY) - documentary - producer/co-director, UK/Italy, dur. 24mins
2014 - THE VOLUNTEER STORY - documentary - producer/camera/director/editor, UK, dur. 30mins
2015 - THE SHAMAN OF RUST - producer/camera/director/editor, UK, dur. 50mins


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