Live Streaming 101: Real-World Tactics for Going Live in 2020

Nothing beats the authenticity of live video — but the lead up to live can be nerve wracking for the uninitiated.

That’s why we created our Vimeo Master Class five-part series to help you master the mechanics of live video. From capturing the stream to engaging your audience, our in-house experts share their hard-earned secrets for going live without the headache.

Check out all the classes from this semester.

  • Episode 01: Capture

    All the tools you need to go live, how to build your home studio and much more.

  • Episode 02: Live Audience

    Best practices for marketing your live event, internally or externally.

  • Episode 03: Production

    What to do before you go live to ensure a smooth stream.

  • Episode 04: Engagement

    Expert tips for how to translate offline experiences, online.

  • Episode 05: Vimeo Live

    A deep dive into the Vimeo platform to look at our live solutions.

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