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Experimental and transversal productive adventure, Mastofabbro is a place of video production and artistic research.
An open and dynamic creative lab, which tends to combine the craftsmanship of creation - in its pure meaning of artifact - with digital technology, Mastofabbro moves among experimental experiences - new and unsettling paths to investigate the human condition in contemporary society - and projects with a more traditional narrative, where the audiovisual tale starts from “neighboring areas” such as dance, music, fashion, theater or literature. Trait d'union of the fragments of a discourse that becomes unique, the inspiration to reality - from time to time transfigured, inverted or simply documented - and the continuous oscillation between contingent and virtual, unresolved conflict of our time.
Co-authors of an aesthetic and poetic research that finds one of his raisons d'être in the contamination of languages, there have been many artists with whom Mastofabbro came in contact, including, Luigi Cinque, Vitaliano Lopez, Martine Bedin, Riccardo Mannelli, Giacomo Verde, Paul Andrè Fortier, Franco Cipriani, Emilano Campagnola (Vite3), Ciro Vitale, Bruno Capezzuoli (Pixelorchestra), the Keramik Papier company, Populus, Lunaïf.
Mastofabbro are Stefano Cormino and Pier Paolo Patti.

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