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Match/Cut Productions began in 2004 in Minneapolis, MN. The company was founded on a mutual belief that media can be both engaging and meaningful. Soon after Match/Cut was formed, we helped to conceive, produce, shoot and edit a pilot for Food Network that has become the current hit Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. DDD continues to be one of MCP’s largest productions as it goes into it’s 20th season.

We are developing and producing our own original content both for television and online. Match/Cut is a media company staffed with people who have years of experience, and who know that there is more to life and work than the bottom line. Ever since its founding, MCP has produced high quality content using crews with genuine talent and enthusiasm. Everyone at Match/Cut loves what they do, and no matter the project, the company continues to create an environment of dedication, efficiency and fun, that was its founding principle.

1229 Tyler Street NE, Suite 110
Minneapolis MN 55413

office | 612.354.7933
fax | 612.367.4307

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