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Photography has been the starting point of my career. Eventually I became a passionate Director and Director of Photography after years of practice and learning through hard work. Every single step of my career happened naturally and I always looked to aim higher with every single project I’ve completed.

My desire was to learn more, to evolve so I believe that this helped me getting discovered by other professionals. In the end my dedication, creativity and setting high standards in terms of quality recommended me as a reliable colaborator and contributor.

Now I am glad to say that I created a large variety of works such as documentaries, corporate campaigns, artist album covers, music videos or aerial videos.

I must point out that I have been fortunate enough to work with these clients: Gyllensvaans Moebler (oldest IKEA producer in Sweden), ECOLOR (IKEA producer) Mercedes-Benz, SAB Miller, Zeit Online, Universal Music, Freunde von Freunden, Ignant, Interview Magazine, GolinHarris Company, EuroGSM, Maximilian, DeepCentral, Vescan, Bastattoo.

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