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BORN "of" the Milky Way Galaxy, assigned to *64*, exited from the vessel of Brenda (mom) Smitty's (dad) 4th begotten son, and raised in New Jerusalem (Newark, N.J. USA) for 18 of the most impressionable years of his young so-called "black" mans Human Experience. Mateo Mblem soon realized his environment was a manifested Capitalist attack on ALL inner cities where the minorities dwelled (Guns, Drugs etc.), and made a conscious decision to seek the truth from a Human perspective vs. the biased literature we ALL were forced to indulge in and left what he called home. After a 4yr military stint of being bombarded with REAL perspective on how the world works and WHO really runs it, Mateo Mblem was compelled to continue his journeys across the map - solo, whether on or off stage, to spread the words of peace and love with the promise of an un-biased projection of the TRUTH (it MAY hurt to hear, but your DENIAL --- that's what'll END you). REAL RAP for the new AEON


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