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Hey there, thanks for stopping by! My name is Mathew Ramsey and I can currently be found managing video production at LivingSocial, where I play in the sandbox with a truly gifted team of visual artists and copy ninjas.

In the words of Cecil B. DeMille, “Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.”
My background in creative spans 10+ years and extends into various industries, including broadcast, design, journalism, photography, social media, and culinary.

During that time, I have had the distinct pleasure of working as a creative consultant with Apple Corps (The Beatles), National Geographic Society, IAC, LiveBooks, and have directed, produced, edited, and written over a dozen multimedia pieces for National Geographic Television & Film.

As a chef, food writer, and photographer, my culinary musings have found a recurring home on SocialStudiesDC (LivingSocial) as well as the San Francisco Chronicle.

When day turns to night, my propensity for creative endeavors often boils over into my home life, where I can be found brewing small batch botanical sodas, flirting with food, and working on the all-American (graphic) novel. Nice to meet you.


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