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We are Romina and Fabrizio, Italian Photography and Videography, specializing in Luxury and Destination Weddings.
Together we have photographed hundreds of weddings.
Weddings, we have discovered have these things in common: family, friends, tears, laughter, celebration, and love.
And this is what our photography is all about.
In these and other situations we told emotions and joys with a refined style and discreet, because we love to work without being noticed.
Our images are of a simple and timeless,
quite naturally created to reflect the personality of those who entrust us with the priceless memories of an unforgettable day.
We will follow you around the world to capture your wedding.
No matter if your wedding will be in an exotic beach, on a snowy mountain or in the garden of your parents, we’ll be there for you.
The Most Beautiful things happen when you least expect it....

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