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Prior to joining McGrath Mat Steinwede was the number one real estate agent in the Raine & Horne Network Australia-wide for three years running. Down-to-earth, friendly and good natured, Mat’s strong work ethic and determination coupled with his easy going disposition makes him the ideal agent. It is for this reason he continues to be such a success.

With a total of eight years dedicated solely to the real estate industry in Terrigal, Mat decided it was time to make the switch to the McGrath name. He says his reasons for this move were simple, “McGrath are years ahead of any independent company. They are constantly evolving and are so slick and polished at marketing, the agents can devote all of their efforts to selling and achieving the optimum results for their clients, rather than worrying about the look and feel of the business.”

As an industry leader, Mat is one of the few agents in Australia with such a specialised assistance team. Having a team who specialise in Customer Service, Technology and Database Management allows Mat to dedicate his time to the critical areas of buyer management, negotiation and the marketing strategy for your property.

This combines to create a team who are achieving exceptional results in their local marketplace and being recognized for their results across the country.

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