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  1. ** Outdoor Adventures **

    by Joey Angerone

    23.4K Videos / 6,052 Members

    This is where you can post your backpacking, hiking, mountain climbing, snowboarding, biking, surfing, scuba diving, traveling adventure videos! Did you visit the Grand Tetons last year and put together…

  2. Canon EOS 7D

    by francisLM

    15.1K Videos / 3,409 Members

    This group is dedicated to those awesome video that will be produced by the Canon EOS 7D camera.

  3. Canon EOS 7D

    by Bernard Maltais

    46.6K Videos / 12.2K Members

    Aug 26 2010 update: Interested in the Canon EOS 60D? Join the group: http://vimeo.com/groups/eos60d --- At first glance it looks a lot like the EOS 50D - it's unmistakably a member of…

  4. Documentaries


    14.6K Videos / 4,991 Members

    For all independent film Directors and Producers

  5. Documentaries

    by TeeJay

    4,700 Videos / 2,596 Members

    Documentary film is a broad category of visual expression that is based on the attempt, in one fashion or another, to "document" reality. Although "documentary film" originally…

  6. DSLR Weddings

    by Mind Maze Productions

    6,151 Videos / 1,369 Members

    Wedding videos shot on DSLRs and other cinema type cameras. Trailers, full edits, love stories, etc DSLR video tips, techniques, equipment related to wedding videos.

  7. EventFilmmaker

    by EventFilmmaker

    13.4K Videos / 2,306 Members

    Featuring the leading Event Filmmakers from around the world. Join Us: http://www.EventFilmmaker.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EventFilmmaker Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EventFilmmaker Google+:…


    by Maarten Toner

    510 Videos / 5,196 Members

    Welcome to the original Do It Yourself Film Tool group. We are trying to collect as many practical tips, filmtool ideas and "build your own" videos as possible. From 3D setups, dolly…

  9. HD Extreme Sports

    by vinceslas

    46K Videos / 15.3K Members

    A group dedicated to extreme sports HD videos. Skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, paragliding, bunjee jumping, speedriding, freeboarding, base jumping, mountain biking, motocross, wheelchair…

  10. HD Video DSLR Weddings

    by eFrames.es

    1,491 Videos / 333 Members

    Weddings, Canon DSLR Video, HD.

  11. Michigan

    by Charlie McCarthy

    660 Videos / 119 Members

    Welcome to Michigan.

  12. Midwest Filmmakers

    by Harry Locke IV

    3,542 Videos / 532 Members

    A group dedicated to all you cinematic artists that either originate, or produce a bulk of your work in the Midwestern territories. Lets see what kind of cinematic magic is being pumped out of the…

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