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Milan, Italy

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Over the last 18 years, my creative background in different disciplines of sound - from advertising for television and radio to cinema and mobile applications - has led me to an openness to a variety of ideas and sound styles.

I collaborated successfully with Italian and European directors, working on hundreds of TV and radio spots, developing a deep sense of storytelling.

I worked as a sound designer and re-recording mixer on several feature films, such as “Rosso Fango” - a short war movie which won the “David di Donatello” prize in 2003.

I wrote for renowned italian audio magazines and built an international sound community in the blog “Unidentified Sound Object”.

In addition to producing and delivering sound libraries, I compose experimental music and develops interactive surround-sound for multimedia installations and live events.

Furthermore, I also offers music consultancy for audiovisuals, music mixing and mastering for digital distribution.

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