Matt Gromley

Portland, OR // Pittsburgh, PA

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Grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. Worked for Endeavor Media and Animal Spots frequently while there. Traveled the globe and filmed in various locations (Throughout the USA, Hawaii, Europe (Eastern and Western), Scotland, Brazil, South Africa, Canada, etc).

Currently residing in Portland, OR working for These Numbers Have Faces as their Director of Video & Design and doing freelance work Editing and Camera Operating. I primarily shoot on the Sony FS100, 700 and Canon DSLR's. My most frequent collaborators are Droptree Productions and Samm Martin/Con Bro Chill. I also do AC work and have worked with RED One, RED Epic, Arri Alexa, Sony FS100/700 and numerous DSLR's.

If you'd like to contact me, you may do so at Thanks!

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