Matthew Niederhauser

Beijing, China

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Depending on the day, Matthew is an artist, photojournalist, or cinematographer. Nomenclature is an especially shifty entity where he lives in China. He is open to collaborations and even fancies himself an adept writer with an eye for the absurd. Matthew’s photography covering youth culture and urban development in China has appeared in The New Yorker, National Geographic, Wired, Stern, Guardian Observer, The New York Times Magazine, Le Monde, Foreign Policy, and Time Magazine amongst many others. His first monograph Sound Kapital delved into Beijing’s underground music scene through portraiture and concert photography. Otherwise Matthew continues to concentrate on two projects entitled Visions of Modernity and Counterfeit Paradises investigating “harmonious” cities and emerging consumer trends across China. These are his main outlets for exploring the country’s rapid socioeconomic changes. More importantly, Matthew is not always so bizarrely situated as shown and finds writing about himself in the third-person more than disconcerting.

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