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Architectures of Queerness in Visual and Performing Arts Practice

Queer Space can be concrete or abstract: a space expressed in the material dimensions of the built environment, or conjured through social and discursive practices. At present, my research and production explores and maps its political potential and aesthetic ­­­dimensions through the latter, articulated in relation to social and visual arts practices. A queer orientation towards a subject is inherently a dis-orientation.

Architecture, in its present form, aids in the entrenchment of oppressive social structures that benefit the few at the expense of many. Disorientation as a queer tool is also a spatial gambit: A re-orienting of Architecture through the lens of queerness shifts it away from the production of hegemonic structures towards a landscape versed in resistance to the norm.

Born 1983 in Toronto, Canada, Matthew-Robin Nye is an interdisciplinary artist with an educational and professional background in the architectural and construction industry. Rejecting the architectural institution as complicit in the perpetuation of prevailing/oppressive hegemonies, he chose to access the built environment exclusively through the lens of visual and performance art. His current research is concerned with the definition and production of Utopic Queer Architectural Space through oral history projects, performance, video work and installation. Formerly a member of the Flux Factory collective in New York City, he has exhibited, lectured and held residencies in Canada, the United States, South America and Europe. Notable collaborations include projects with The Art Gallery of York University (CAN), Paper Tiger Television (US), Greenpeace, Raketa Press (SE) and VSVSVS in Toronto.

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