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Matthew Whiteman is a writer, producer and director.

direct email:

He also works as a photographer please see:

LATEST NEWS: (2015) Matthew is co-executive producing 'Magnum' a drama series in development with Carnival NBC and Magnum photos. please see

International Representation -

Claire Best & Associates
736 Seward Street, Lost Angeles, CA 90038
+ 1 323 601 5001
+ 44 (0) 207 060 6501

Matthew began his career as an assistant editor and then editor at the BBC before leaving to work on a string of British feature films - including 'My Beautiful Launderette' for director, Stephen Frears, ‘Caravaggio’ for Derek Jarman and 'A Zed and Two noughts' and 'Belly of an Architect' for director, Peter Greenaway.

Matthew also edited many arts and music documentaries during this period – before becoming a director himself. In the 'nineties, he directed the acclaimed documentaries ‘Echoes of America’, ‘Racing Home’ and ‘The Final Score’ for Channel Four before going on to direct a large number of television and cinema commercials and working with U2 and Oasis. Matthew also shot special combat footage on HBO’s 'Band of Brothers'.

Matthew has worked extensively in the field of drama documentary. In 2003 he won a Cine Golden Eagle (National Geographic), Best Director for 'Days that shook the World - Yeager & Campbell'. This film was also BAFTA and RTS Nominated.

The hit series, 'Musicality' followed in 2004. And in 2005, Matthew made ‘Escape from the Amazon’ – the leading episode of a hit ten part series for Discovery and C4.

During 2006/7, Matthew wrote and directed ‘Tchaikovsky’ a two-part docudrama for BBC 2.

Matthew also directed ‘The Bill’ in 2007 and in 2008 completed ‘Dangerous Adventures for Boys’ – based on the international bestseller ‘The Dangerous Book for Boys’.

In 2009/10 Matthew wrote, produced and directed the RTS and BAFTA nominated ‘First Light’ – a wartime drama for BBC2, based on Geoffrey Wellum’s best-selling Battle of Britain memoir. ‘First Light’ stands as the BBC's most highly ranked docudrama.

‘Giles and Sue’s Royal Wedding’ followed in 2011 – a comedy skit on the Royal Wedding fronted by Giles Coren and Sue Perkins (broadcast during the wedding week on BBC2). And for Channel Four, Matthew made the investigative documentary ‘The Great Train Robbery’s Missing Mastermind’

In 2012, Matthew made ‘Double Cross – the true story of the D-Day spies’, presented by Ben Macintyre and broadcast on BBC2

2013 - Matthew made Hunt v Lauda for BBC 2

2014/15 - Matthew is developing a major TV drama series about Magnum - the legendary photo agency