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Los Angeles, CA

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Mattia Casalegno is a Los Angeles based artist exploring issues of perception, intimacy and audiovisual improvisation. He often collaborates with designers, scientists, neurologists and musicians to produce works spanning architectural video-installations, multi-sensorial interfaces, live media performances and kinetic sculptures.

His aesthetics are driven by the research in the relationships between the fields of information (in-forms, to give form), biology (bio-logos, discourse on living) and ecology (in the Batesonian term), pointing on the centrality of code as tools and metaphor of his poetic.

His works and performances have been showed internationally in institutions and venues such as MediaFacade Festival Europe, MACRO Contemporary Art Museum and Roma Auditorium in Italy, Mutek in Montreal, iMAL and Cimatics in Brussels, Optronica Festival in London, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei, LACMA and LACDA in Los Angeles.

He is represented by the Belgian Cimatics Agency, writes regularly about new media and art on the online magazine and instructed classes at UCLA and Art Center College of Design, CA.

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