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30 Year old Independent Filmmaker.

Editor. Director. Videographer.
Matt Riley Films/Formally known as MDR PRODUCTIONS

I love to make short films, and watching movies. I enjoy entertaining people. My genre of choice falls between suspense thrillers and horror, but I enjoy almost all genres of movies. If the story is good, the genre will fade away.

I want to be successful. I love what I do already and I don't look at it as work, thats why I know its my dream, my passion that drives me to make films, videos, to put alot of time and effort into things that I will be attaching my name. I hope to make alot of money in the near future doing what I love to do, the movies.

If you would like to compare settings/notes/films etc, Feel free to message me, just make sure you let me know who you are and your vimeo page. ;-)

Also more of my work available at:

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