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Matt Slodziak is a Los Angeles based Writer and Director with a penchant for character driven narratives.

From a young age he displayed a keen interest in the arts, particularly with cinema and literature. A walking embodiment of the classic immigrant story, he has worked tirelessly towards achieving his goal of becoming a respected storyteller.

He graduated from Emerson College where he found success as an award winning Director of Photography (DoP). Despite focusing on learning the technical skills of the craft he never lost sight of his hunger for story and continually cultivated scripts on the side.

During his brief career climbing the ranks of the lighting department and working as a DoP he worked on over 40 projects, including short films, commercials, and music videos. Many of these projects have premiered in various festivals all over the country and world, including the Cannes festival in France.

He also holds such honors as the Ad Club's Bronze Bowl for his work on commercial specs.

Matt is currently developing an original short film for his directorial debut.

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