Matt Vesely

Adelaide, South Australia

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Apart from being an ardent comic book fan, an amateur music writer, and a failed actor, Matt Vesely is also an emerging South Australian filmmaker. Having completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts at Flinders University in 2007, Matt has since continued to hone his skills as a writer/director, making a number of successful low-budget shorts; including 'Better Late Than Never,' which earned a nomination for Best Comedy at the South Australian Short Screen Awards; 'Street’s Press,' which was nominated for Best Documentary at the SASSAs; and the MRC production 'A Load Of Buckshot.' 2009 saw his feature-length screenplay 'My Private Eye,' a slacker comedy about an embittered 22-year-old’s misguided foray into private investigation, go into development with the South Australian Film Corporation.

2009 also saw Matt take part in the SAFC’s inaugural FilmLab Development Workshop with Stephen Cleary. 'The Thing About Dolphins,' produced by Megan Huitema and Sarah MacDonald, was produced in 2010 as part of Matt’s ongoing development with FilmLab.

Matt’s work finds itself consistently landing somewhere in the vicinity of comedy, but always with a penchant for exploring the inherent absurdities of the human condition – life, death, and all that awkward stuff that comes in between. One day, though, he hopes to make a Batman film better than Christopher Nolan can – but he highly doubts that anyone will ever manage to do that.

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