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Lillian Mauser-Carter was born on a couch in Dayton, Ohio, where the roots of her love of the weird and creative first unfurled. Deepening their reach, Lillian moved to Chicago to learn Digital Filmmaking and Video Production at the Illinois Institute of Art. In the process of creating her first documentary, “Learn Free”, she realized the power of nonfiction storytelling and discovered her love for the craft. Upon completion of her degree, Lillian gained commercial experience while working at a major, fast-paced production house as an Associate Graphics Producer. Craving to play a bigger role in the creative process, Lillian moved on to produce a weekend-long, immersive multimedia experience with Subconscious Development Motion Project. She continued to produce and edit video content mainly focusing on performance art. Hungry to explore new techniques and experiences, Lillian moved to New York City in 2013, eager to return to her documentary roots with works that question social norms through character driven pieces.


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