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MMC provides expertise, support and solutions across a variety of mediums from feature films and music videos to interactive media design.

We are an international, multi talented team, who share a passion for crafting engaging, intelligent and innovative work. We work naked closely together, nurturing and challenging each other's sensibilities to create fertile ground for excellence, efficiency, and forward thinking.

Our aim is to see your project through to completion, at any given stage in the process, whatever your budget or style, by offering bespoke project management and guidance alongside our many services. and

Over the years, Maxim has served as director, producer, and post-production supervisor on a slate of major feature films and music videos, overseeing animation, color-grading, and state-of-the-art-VFX.

Max was born in Berlin and raised in Connecticut and West Germany. At the tender age of thirteen, he got his start in media as a trainee in the graphics office of a Berlin magazine before moving on to design the website for political television talk show "Sabine Christiansen" and becoming, at sixteen, the youngest employee at Pixelpark AG, where he worked as an HTML programmer and technical manger of the web development unit. Max also served as creative director for Razorfish, a leading German marketing and design agency.

By twenty Max was a guest lecturer at the Zurich University of Design and Art Director at Medienkontor Online GmbH. Working under his mentor Jurgen Müller, he began photographing bands such as Marilyn Manson and Rage Against the Machine for the European magazine Metal Hammer.

After turning down an offer as Art Director of one of the biggest European design firms, he formed Maxim Matthew Creations to pursue his main passion, film. Today Maxim is a valued player within the German entertainment community, and is now expanding stateside.

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