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Max Tersch / Film and Documentary Editor

Works at Postprop Editorial and White Light Studio, Thailand.

"Max is a Pro who's seen it all.He's worked in film editing, video editing, skilled Final Cut Pro editor, Post production .He also worked with top directors for Thai films. Highly recommend!"
- Pam Nil (Ownder Pumpumpumpum Sound Studio)

“Max was hired to cut and conform our theatrical release trailer. He was ace and I thoroughly recommend him!”
- Tom Waller (Producer, De Warrenne Productions)

“Max is the best. Especially when working in both Thai and English.”
- Steve Murray (Director)

“In a world where trusting business partnerships are increasingly more important, Max Tersch stands high among the pack. Professional, easy to communicate with, intelligent and creative. Just some of what Max brings to any project he is asked to work on. I would never hesitate recommending Max to anyone. He's an outstanding human.”
- Bjorn Turmann (Author and Public Speaking Coach)

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