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    3 videos

    Time capsule video of the bride that depicts her most gorgeous self usually in her wedding gown.


    2 videos

    Time capsule video of the bride that depicts her most gorgeous self usually in her wedding gown.

  3. Director Carmela Dy Hubag

    19 videos

    It’s rare for a woman to dominate the realm of directing in the wedding industry, but this former chess champion and music-lover is about to prove otherwise. With her impeccable documentary shooting style of well-composed shots and elegant angles, she has slowly gained her own spot in the Mayad…

  4. Director Kristopher King Caldera

    25 videos

    Every wedding-video-footage should have King’s enthusiastic “directing voice” in the background. It would definitely be enough to spur any video editor into action. His love for romance is evident in the way he directs the couples lucky enough to be under his care. He specializes in…

  5. Director Raphael Jamil Pranga (Fiel)

    33 videos

    As the leader of the directing pack, Fiel gives equal attention to different shooting styles without losing track of a video’s production value. His strong background in information technology along with his post-graduate studies from the Asian Institute of Management have worked to his advantage,…

  6. Shalani and Roman : Finally

    1 video

    The long wait is finally over and the boy meets girl story has finally made it to the altar. Like what we’ve said before this wedding has got to be one of the most challenging weddings we’ve ever done but still when we saw the love shared between Shalani and Roman, everything became worth…

  7. Shalani and Roman : Trailer

    1 video

    We’ve seen it on tv, heard it on the news.. Yes! Shalani and Roman is for real and they tied the knot last January 22. After seeing the two exchanged their vows and made us all feel that when you found that one certain someone for you..you’ll just know. Witness one of our craziest and biggest…

  8. Danike and Sam

    1 video

    Coordinator : Amanda Tirol Florist: Vatel Manila Photographer : Benjie Tiongco and Team Paradise. Ever since, that is how we imagine Boracay to be..but for Danike and Sam, it was more than paradise. :) See our next featured SDE to know what we mean. Enjoy! :)

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