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Mayday Productions, an indie film company, that does it for the love and importance of the story and entertainment.

Current Projects Include
Geek Therapy with POW! Ent & Stan Lee (web series)
The Concessionaires Must Die (feature comedy)
Catalina Film Festival
Sci Fi Short Selection

Twitter: @america_young

America Young is currently working in many aspects of film making. She is a writer/producer of Geek Therapy (licensed by Stan Lee & POW! Entertainment). She has stunt co-odinated/action directed films and music videos for Katy Perry, Ashley Simpson, The Used, Chris Cornell and Natasha Beddingfield to name a few. She helped found, run and program the Feel Good Film Festival (2007- May 2011) and The Catalina Film Festival (2011- current). She is one of the executive producers of the feature film anthology called Girls! Girls! Girls! starring Octavia Spencer, Beth Grant and French Stewart. She is one of the founders of non-profit The Chimaera Project which focuses on promoting females in the industry. She directed the pilot Wrestling with Parenthood, starring professional wrestlers and written by the writer of the critically acclaimed Saints Row video games. She was informed by a Lionsgate rep that her short Locked In was "too disturbing". She is attached to direct the feature, The Concessionaires Must Die this year. When she’s not jumping off the roof of buildings, training boys how to fight or setting herself on fire, she enjoys sipping herbal tea and sharpening her pair of Sai.

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