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To whom it may concern... Just as Generation 'X' got tired, gave up, and got day-jobs, Mayfield took an oath to start a musical revolution against 'mainstream' thinking.

Mayfield are an alternative rock band from Adelaide, South Australia formed in 2004. They have forged their own unique blend of punk rock and explosive 'new-grunge' through their varied influences and at times controversial social views.

The philosophy and corner stone of Mayfield is part grunge rejectionism, part hippie ideal, part project mayhem but wholly its own. Mayfield speak of a generation robbed, a generation lied to, a generation out of faith.

The three men, all in their early-mid twenties, made a pact: to perform raw, pure and hypnotic music for people of all walks of life.

Mayfield’s core and true strength is revealed at their live shows. The band truely calls the road their home and has toured Australia, USA, UK and Europe extensively. They recently completed their second tour of the UK and Europe. On this tour they played 25 dates across western Europe.

The band consists of Zigg West, [Vocals/Guitars] Sam Knight [Drums] and Jett [Bass]

"You may have heard of the "Wall of Sound" - Mayfield's sound is more like a tidal wave. It surrounds and crashes around the listener while delivering an ocean of musical intensity directly to them."

Bec Whittenbury, Db Magazine, March 25th 2009

"They're Robert DeNiro from Raging Bull, tree-trunked and no-necked, bashing his head against that prison wall over and over screaming for the pain to stop. They make Henry Rollins look like DJ Qualls and Motörhead sound like Lily Allen"

Spoz's rant, November 10th

"...Mayfield’s writing is three-chord tight and has that same thrash-and-burn economy of notes and scorched-earth vocals as their grunge forefathers Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder. Late-’80s grunge found traction among the disenfranchised with its return to rock’s basics and an attitude of mockery, rage, and a sort of watchdog eye on the Republican right. Mayfield is in the same pocket."

Dave Good, The San Diego Reader, May 21

"Once their show began shortly after midnight they rocked the house as only they could. These Masters of the Mic, Geniuses of the guitar, these Titans of the tunes gave us the performance of a lifetime and as they finished up Abe and I realized we were standing up cheering for more. We then were treated to one of my favorite interviews yet where we received all the insightful tips, advice and great stories of a band that I can see going as far as their horizons' dare to go. Rock on Mayfield! And thanks again"!

Jack Teague, The Podcast Pirates, june 24th

"I found three guys that were happy to be performing for the first time in New York. We ended up sitting there bullshitting for over an hour discussing everything from how protesters drive their SUVs to the nearest anti-war rally, to walking the line between maintaining ideals and selling out, Damn these guys! All of my jokes about Vegemite out the window! Instead I enjoyed the most intellectually stimulating conversation I have had in a while. The anger finally did come out when the guys were on stage. Bleeding eardrums aside, these guys are quality and they actually convey a message through their music rather than just trying to be seen on MTV and heard on K-Roq"

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