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I am currently 26, a Florida A & M University graduate, TV producer, actor, model, book author and motivational speaker. I am living and doing the Lords will for my life. I have been through a lot in my life but everything I have been through has all been to set me up for all the major blessings ahead and to bless others. Now I understand and I am working in the will for my life... Touch people by the things I write, say and do which leads to The "Mayweather Live" Show and other projects which will in due time will be Internationally distributed. There are more books I will be writing as well as 2 more TV shows and documentaries I plan to complete in 2013. God has blessed me and I will bless others... I am not the best man but I am working on becoming a better man every day and as I live I share my experiences... You are blessed and highly favored remember that... There is nothing that is impossible all you have to do is believe and with your natural and God's super you will have SUPERNATURAL favor and blessings... Now is our time to touch the world...

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