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  1. 08:19:05

    Distinguished Speaker Series

    by McConnell Center

    19 Videos

    The McConnell Center regularly invites national leaders, authors and historians to the University of Louisville. Visit www.mcconnellcenter.org for additional information.

  2. 21:48

    McConnell Scholar Life

    by McConnell Center

    14 Videos

    The McConnell Scholars Program is a rigorous and prestigious academic program for a select group of interdisciplinary undergraduate students majoring or minoring in political science at the University…

  3. 37:30:55

    Public Lecture Series and Conferences

    by McConnell Center

    44 Videos

    The McConnell Center offers a variety of year-round programming open to the public. Guests include noted authors, historians and academic experts. Visit mcconnellcenter.org for additional information.

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