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Also known as Breakdance McFunkypants, Chris K is lead programmer at Amagam Software, an Indie Game Developer based in Victoria, Canada. A lifelong coder, he grew up part of the old-school “demoscene” BBS culture and spent his youth in shady arcades. In university he studied AI and 3d game engines. Nowadays he hangs out with game devs at speed-programming “game jams” and 48 hour competitions. He has written over 50 business applications, a dozen videogames, 25 songs, two pencil-and-dice roleplaying games, and a billion really bad puns.

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  1. Awesome keynote! Great work guys. This is gonna be epic! My favourite part? "It's not like polishing a turd. More like digging for gold. In a turd." Good luck and HAVE FUN, everybody! P.S. Charity Game Jam Nov. 23: raising…