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Doug McMains

McMains is a Photographer/Cinematographer with the Smithsonian in Washington DC.
Previously McMains worked for several years as a photographer-cinematographer in Denver CO, Chicago IL, and settled in Omaha in 1978 where he began a successful business in commercial photography-cinematography. McMains was self-employed 1978-2010 with a three year exception when he took the position of V.P. Creative Director with the advertising agency today know as Interpublic Group (New York City), one of the world’s top five advertising agencies.

McMains’ interests in the human spirit, sense of place and culture has lead him on travels to numerous foreign lands. He has circumnavigated the globe four times capturing images of people, places and lives.

McMains is a member of American Mensa and a PADI Dive Master.

Many examples of McMains’ work can be found at:

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