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MICAH COHLER - Writer/Director/Educator

Micah was born in the U.S and educated in America and abroad. He went to Emory University and then graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU with a degree in Film Production.

He graduated right before 9/11, and afterwards volunteered as a Mass Casualty Medic in the Middle East. He was written about in the New York Daily News for his humanitarian efforts during a time of crisis.

While working abroad he shot his documentary feature "Someday Soldiers." The film focuses on his friendship with Yochai Porat, his friend and teacher who was killed in a terrorist attack while he was there. “Someday Soldiers” was shown on Israeli television, in Mexico City, and at several film festivals in New York, and throughout the United States at various colleges and universities.

  After "Someday Soldiers" and a stint in Tokyo producing Japanese Rap videos, Micah returned to the Northeast where he worked in Reality Television, starting out as a PA and working his way to Story Producer/Director. He worked with MTV, TBS, CBS, and various independent productions.

At the same time Micah created multiple short comedic films, one satiric piece in particular, “72 Virgins” attracted media attention when it was written about in the Wall Street Journal.

Micah has worked for several companies in his film career, in New York at HBO in Film Evaluations, New Line Cinema in the New York publicity office, and with reality programming for CBS, TBS, MTV, and several independent film companies.

For the past 4 years Micah worked as a Film Professor, a Course Director for the Introduction to Editing and Visual Effects Department at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. He left Florida to focus on his writing and comedic filmmaking. He recently completed 3 comedic feature scripts, and is in the process of developing additional comedy projects.

Micah is a working Artist; Directing, Producing, Writing and Editing. He currently lives in Los Angeles, he writes silly films, and generally loves what he does.

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