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Emsworth and Bournemouth, UK

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Freelance Filmmaker and Masters Student at the Media School, Bournemouth. I've worked with a few directors and aspire to direct in the future.
Now i'm doing the Masters, i'll be uploading a lot more work as the year progresses! Obviously most of these projects I will not be 100% happy with or are not what I intend to make, so I propose to begin writing about each project on my blog; For the Love of Celluloid! Check the blog out and follow it :)

Michael Middleton-Downer
Web: mdowner.co.uk
Blog: loveofcelluloid.tumblr.com
Twitter: /mike_downer
Skype: michaelmiddleton-downer
Email: mdowner@mac.com / i7911804@bournemouth.ac.uk

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