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5900 Bishop Blvd., Dallas, Texas

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The Meadows Museum is one of the leading art institutions of the Southwest. Established in 1965 by oilman Algur H. Meadows, it is located on the campus of Southern Methodist University in central Dallas. Its permanent collection of Spanish art, one of the largest and most comprehensive outside of Spain, contains works from the 10th through the 21st centuries by such masters as Velázquez, Goya, Miró and Picasso. Its holdings also include a significant collection of 20th century sculpture, much of it on display in its outdoor plaza, as well as the University Art Collection, which features works by a number of noted Texas artists. In accordance with its mission to advance knowledge and understanding of art, the Meadows Museum collaborates with institutions and collectors around the world to serve its broad audience by mounting exhibitions of works of the greatest aesthetic and historical importance, as well as offering a range of educational programs. Visit for more information.

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